innovation at the edge of organisations

"Those working on the geographic peripheries of your organization are the most interesting, free and open thinkers.” tenfold tip #511 by Gary Hamel

Innovation very often happens at the edges of organisations and Australia and New Zealand are about as edgey as it comes for most global businesses.

Rita McGrath described it beautifully when she joined us last year saying"the first signs of spring are seen at the edge of the snow melt".

And just last week Salim Ismail talked with us about the power of innovation at the edge of organisations, away from the immune response of the mother ship that can too often kill off a great idea before it has a chance to prosper.

The Australian and New Zealand subsidiary of global companies is the perfect place to develop, test and refine new thinking.

Don't wait for permission. Ask for forgiveness if necessary, but more than likely you won't need to.