“Injustice is both immoral and inefficient.” Kim Scott

Kim's sequel to best seller Radical Candor titled Just Work addresses six major injustices that play out all too often in the workplace.

We surveyed over 100 executives during our Tenfold Australia Masterclass with Kim to see how many of the particpants had personally been exposed to each form of injustice. The results are below.

#Bias (unconconscious conclusions and assumptions) - 76%

#Prejudice (conscious stereotypes) - 51%

#Bullying (intentional use of stereotypes to harm) - 40%

#Discimination (power mixed with bias or prejudice) - 40%

#Harassment (power mixed with bullying) - 11%

#Physical violation (power combined with touch) - 4%

Each of these injustices have the potential to do great harm to individuals and teams when present at work. They also harm organisations becoming a major barrier to performance and efficiency.

Fortunately Kim provides practical ways to deal with each form or injustice in Just Work from the perspective of the person harmed, the person doing the harm, a person observing the injustice, or the leader of the above.

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