Infinite minded leaders find safety in relationships.

"Infinite minded leaders find safety in relationships." Simon Sinek

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Few people package existing wisdom in fresh ways better than Sinek.

A similar tune to his 'infinite mind' song has been sung by the 'anti-fragile' and 'exponential thinking' choirs.

Over a decade agoCarol Dweckcalled it a 'growth mindset'.

Two decades ago Wayne Dyer labelled it being a 'no-limit person'.

Whatever name you give it the fact that it keeps resurfacing suggests there is a deep human truth underpinning this concept.

The key to it all my dad told me 40 years ago... it's who you know not what you know.

On the other hand 'finite minded leaders' value rules over relationships, according to Sinek. Bureaucracy & policy reign.

Where on the spectrum from finite to infinite thinking would you place yourself? Your company?

Investing in your relationships & building trust is key to becoming more #limitless. The intelligence of the one rarely beats the wisdom of the crowd.

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