In 2020, respondents say their work is more important, less tiresome

"In 2020, respondents say their work is more important, less tiresome, less easily offloaded & contributes to the company’s objectives. Not only is their work important, they feel important as well!" LBS Professor Julian Birkinshaw

If you are a knowledge worker how has your world of work changed this year?

That's the question London Business School Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship sought to answer in a new piece of research published recently in #HBR below.

Julian found "knowledge workers are more intrinsically motivated — and taking more personal ownership — during lockdown, in large part because of the increased degrees of freedom they are getting."

Birkinshaw however identifies a range of downsides to lockdown too. It is harder to resolve conflict, start new projects, social glue is thinning, there are fewer stretch assignments, & less focus on long term development amongst other things.

Fortunately call can be remedied but only if we are conscious and open about the pros & cons of the pandemic at work.

The first step is inquiry and discussion.

The key step is action.

Julian is joining us this month for our Tenfold Australia Masterclass open to the local top teams of global companies.