“If you want to have a great partnership, be a great partner." Rodd Wagner & Gale Muller PhD

I just spent Friday facilitating a workshop with two very impressive, experienced and successful leadership teams on the journey to becoming one.

I have no doubt the combined enterprise will be a great success as they are already embodying many of the attributes Wagner and Muller describe above and below in their best selling book 'The Power of 2'.

How do the key partnerships in your life at work and at home stack up relative to the following?

"Get beyond yourself.

Give up the notion that you are well-rounded, and stop expecting your colleagues to be universally proficient.

Incorporate someone else’s motivations into your view of the accomplishment.

Loosen up.

Put aside your competitive nature, your prepackaged view of how the thing should be done.

Focus more on what you do for the partnership than what you get from it.

Demonstrate trust in more people, and see if they don’t surprise you with their trustworthiness.

Be slower to anger and quicker to forgive.

And along the way, communicate continuously.”

p172, Wagner & Muller, The Power of 2.