If you want to be fully on you have to be fully off

"If you want to be fully on you have to be fully off, or the whole thing starts to crumble." Jim Loehr, EdD

Such a privilege to speak with one of my life long thought leadership guru's Jim Loehr, EdD this morning in preparation for our Tenfold Australia Masterclass on Oct 20 at 10am.

For over four decades Jim has been the performance psychologist for world class performers ranging from Fortune 100 execs to FBI hostage rescue teams, military special forces and top sports people.

He has been the mind coach to no less than 17 world champions.

In the tennis world alone he has supported players such as Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario and Novak Djokovich.

The quote above touches on the critical nature of oscillation and recovery, something sporting athletes understand and practice routinely.

Unfortunately corporate athletes often fail to embrace recovery leading to feelings of overwhelm and potentially burnout.

Building in recovery rituals is key to turning this around.

Jim will share how to do this and many more insights with us on Oct 20 to help you build your mental toughness and high performance.