“If you don't have a choice about where you work, that's when your motivation really plummets." LM

Lindsay McGregor

Yesterday we polled 156 executives from around 60 companies asking them how many days per week they expect their people to work remotely this year.

72% said two or three days per week on average, as you can see from the graph.

This is in contrast with what many CEOs want such as Alan Joyce at Qantas who was quoted by the AFR to say...

“There’s no substitute for in-person collaboration, so we want the vast majority of our people in the office in a COVID-safe way.”

This tension will need to be managed carefully according to Vega Factor CEO Lindsay McGregor who joined us from NY at our most recent Tenfold Australia Masterclass.

"It’s not about whether you are remote or in the office, it’s about whether you feel forced to be wherever you are” she said.


The key is to give your people a sense of agency, i.e. control, in the decision making process about where they work. Doing so will increase the likelihood that the ultimate decision has a positive impact on their motivation, rather than a deleterious one.