“I had thought the destination was what was important, but it turned out it was the journey.” Clay

Clay Christensen Clay's quote above is all the more poignant given his recent passing at the age of 67. Too young for any one but especially for someone that continued to add to humanity's best thinking about innovation & leadership. Miraculous however Clay made it that far given his life threatening battles with illness from the age of 30. Clay's quote very much reflects common parlance these days. It is also well supported by science. Numerous psychological studies have found that the pursuit of goals more strongly correlates with our satisfaction and well-being than the attainment of them. Both striving and attainment are important but the former is more influential on our happiness than the latter. But you know this already. Having a goal gets you out of bed in the morning, helps you overcome obstacles, keeps you focused & gives you purpose. Achieving that goal feels great... but not for long. Hence the reason we start planning our next holiday before the one we are on is over? All the best with your striving. Thanks Clay for your wisdom.