"How many 'collisionable hours' will you have this week?"

"How many 'collisionable hours' will you have this week?" No this is not a health and safety question. It is a question about innovation, diversity of thought, and solving the biggest challenges facing you and your organisation.

It is about your next life changing and/or company making idea and how to make it a reality. 'Collisionable hours' is a phrase that Tony Hsieh, CEO of legendary online retailer Zappos now owned by Amazon, believes is key to the outcomes mentioned above. Collisionable hours refers to the time we have for serendipitous encounters with people outside our usual think tank. Studies show that such random encounters increase innovation and productivity, says Tony.

Tony believes so much in this concept when deciding where to relocate the global HQ for Zappos he and some friends stumped up US$350m to transform downtown Las Vegas into a collision zone!

This way the Zappos team would regularly bump into some of the smartest and most progressive thinkers in the world outside of Zappos, exchanging ideas, helping to solve each others problems, benefiting all. How often do you get out and collide?