Hard work pays off, doing the stuff that isn't fun

"Hard work pays off, doing the stuff that isn't fun. It's when no one is watching that the work gets put in." Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser is recognised as the fittest man on earth, having won the international Cross Fit Games in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

For the uninitiated Cross Fit is arguably the most punishing test of the human body and mind's capacity to push thru pain to complete fetes of extraordinary physical achievement.

Business leaders can learn much from Cross Fit. Taylor's quote above a simple yet often overlooked insight for all.

Great success requires great sacrifice. From the comfort of your couch 'The Redeemed and the Dominant' Netflix documentary provides a glimpse of the great sacrifice required to be world class. As Taylor says in the doco... "If I want that great moment in front of people I need to have a lot of terrible grueling training sessions by myself."

Winning without 'the work' is a fallacy. In business training is too often pushed to the bottom of the priority list and rarely is on-the-job learning fully utilised. High performance however is not possible without it.