"...gunpowder is far less dangerous to your life than sugar"

"We are now living in a world in which war kills fewer people than suicide, and gunpowder is far less dangerous to your life than sugar." Professor Yuval Harari The world has made great progress over the last century decreasing infant mortality, reducing wars & crime, increasing education & income levels, growing democracy. Our success as a species however is not ubiquitous. Harari is a history professor and best selling author of Sapiens, HomoDeus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. He recently spoke at Davos 2020 about the three biggest threats to mankind this century. The quote above is from that speech worth reading here. Great Rich but what does this have to do with high performance, I hear you ask? Harari makes the point that the threats we all face are bigger than just one nation. Global cooperation is more important than ever. He is not suggesting the end of nationalism, rather that the best nationalists must also be great globalists. Only by embracing the whole can leaders serve their parts. The same is true in organisations. The future belongs to organisations that can work together to solve challenges that by themselves are beyond them & their customers.