Given the nature of the work we do your voice is mission critical!

"Given the nature of the work we do your voice is mission critical!" Amy C. Edmondson

In a knowledge based connected economy individuals rarely succeed in isolation, no matter how smart they are.

There is just too much information, too much volatility, too much uncertainty for any one person to negotiate.

Hence why Harvard Professor of Leadership and Management Amy C. Edmondson is adamant that given the nature of our work we feel psychologically safe to take interpersonal risk, to speak up, and share our perspective.

Doing so is the only way to embrace the power of collective intelligence and achieve break thru learning, innovation and growth.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Professor Edmondson joining us at Tenfold Australia for our July 23 Masterclass to talk about the role of psychological safety in finding new growth and innovation post the pandemic.

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