"Find and focus on your form."

Hugh Jackman. Tim Ferris. Massive fan of them both, so when they teamed up for a podcast I couldn't wait to tune in.

One of my key takeouts from their discussion was the 85% rule.

According to Hugh his performances on the stage or screen are always better if he pulls back from 100% effort to around 85%.

By pulling back Hugh is more able to tune into the audience and focus on his form.

In so doing his performance actually improves, despite the fact he has pulled back.

in psychology this concept is explained by the Yerkes Dodson arousal curve, which reveals that performance does increase with arousal but only to a point.

Beyond this point more arousal actually decreases performance.

And the more complex the task the more dramatic the performance decline.

100% is rarely if ever where peak performance exists.

Less is definitely more when it comes to human performance.

What does 85% look like for you today?