Entropy is the enemy of evolution

"Entropy is the enemy of evolution – all successful teams decay unless they put continued effort into evolving". Prof David Clutterbuck

I am a big fan of David's. He is always stirring the pot and challenging people leaders to think differently. His quote above however is far from contrarian.

I would go so far as to say it is a universal principle like gravity. No point trying to fight it. Focus on how you can leverage it.

Clutterbuck's quote reminds me of organisational behaviour and management sage Charles Handy's concept of 'the second curve'. Watch here.

Handy's notion is that the time to reinvent and evolve is when we are performing at our best, not when your momentum is dropping off.

Many teams wait for the proverbial 'burning platform' before doing any development work. By then it may be too late, or at the very least more difficult to reboot.

To paraphrase an old saying "the best time to start developing yourself and your team is 2 years ago, the second best time is today."