Do you find yourself judging other people? That's also a fixed mindset

"Do you find yourself judging other people? That's also a fixed mindset." Stamford Professor Carol Dweck

Psychologist Dweck has been challenging the world to think differently about whether our performance, intelligence & success are innate or learned for over two decades.

Her research found that we tend to have a fixed or growth mindset when it comes to our ability.

Fixed mindset people believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits.

Growth mindset people understand that their talents & abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching & persistence.

Dweck's work has much relevance to how we view ourselves.

It also relates to how we see others.

When we judge someone we are using a fixed mindset, which not only short changes the other person's ability to learn, it also undermines our ability to see them differently, & ultimately can damage our relationship with that person.

Judgement has a place but typically says more about us than the other person.

Remember the power of YET.

Turn your judgement from "they can't do it" to "they can't do it yet".

There is very likely something you can do to turn YET into YES they can.