"Do fewer things better." Nicholas Woodman

Simple but powerful advice from GoPro founder & CEO Nick Woodman.

Woodman created a new category of camera tech that took the world by storm interestingly during the same time period of Kodak's demise.

Nick started GoPro in 2002 with $30,000 of his own money & $35 grand he borrowed from his mum.

The company IPO'd in 2014 and the stock price tripled over the first three months of trading reaching a market cap in excess of $10 billion.

Today the stock is worth a mere fraction of that at $650m but Woodman is as optimistic about GoPro's future as he was at the time of the float.

The key to his optimism is "staying true to what the world wants from you as a business".

Like many hypergrowth companies GoPro got distracted and forgot it's core making big bets in areas it was not an expert in, e.g. launching a media company and investing in drone tech.

Woodman now acknowledges his biggest challenge has been #focus. His approach of doing fewer things better is already paying off with financials improving and a line up of new cameras like GoPro360 that have the potential to redefine the industry once more.