"Disruptive breakthroughs always occur when disparate fields cross." Salim Ismail

At Tenfold Australia we have a #pinch list.

It is a list of the moments when we have to pinch ourselves as we are experiencing something amazing that we could only dream of when we first started our #country#leadership#team community.

Today we added a big one to the list speaking with Salim Ismail kindly facilitated with our deepest gratitude by Emilie Sydney-Smith and Christina Gerakiteys.

Why did we need to pinch ourselves?

Not only is Salim arguably the world's most influential futurist, he is also the Founding Executive Director of Singularity University, Co-founder and Chairman of OpenExO, and best-selling author of #ExponentialOrganizations.

Salim's research provides the #playbook for how the world's fastest growing and most influential organisations think and behave differently.

We have based our entire business model on Salim's work. As per the quote above Tenfold Australia exists "to bring disperate fields together to create disruptive break throughs".

Even our company name is inspired by Salim.

We are thrilled to confirm Salim will be joining our Tenfold #Masterclass series featuring true global thought leaders in early 2022.

In the interim you can learn more about Salim by clicking here: