Crisis has a way of exposing who people truly are

"In good times you kind of wonder what people are like. Crisis has a way of exposing who people truly are." Brian Chesky Before COVID19 Airbnb were preparing to go public. They had a plan and all of a sudden the world changed irreversibly. As you know the travel industry has been one of the worst hit as a result of the pandemic. Airbnb like all in the industry have had to make some extremely difficult decisions. After the initial shock Chesky decided to use the crisis to tap back into its roots. "When we started Airbnb it was about connecting with people and that's what we're meant to do. And if it took a crisis for us to get back to our roots, then a new, better Airbnb will emerge." To hear more about how Airbnb is responding click (here) So many great tips and insights for all organisations.