burnout is about your organisation, not your people

Over the next week I'll be sharing take outs from our March tenfold australia masterclass with global burnout expert Jennifer Moss.

Ironically Jen was originally a happiness expert and now describes herself, in jest, as the unhappiness expert.

Jen does continue to focus on happiness, health and highperformance but over her career she increasingly found that the things that were holding people back from these outcomes were often organisational, not personal.

This prompted her to do deep research on burnout and its causes.

She found there are six main organisational causes of burnout, all of which are directly within the control or influence of leaders. They are:

1) Excessive workload

2) Perceived lack of control

3) Lack of recognition

4) Poor relationships

5) Lack of fairness

6) Mismatched skills and values

Two questions for you....

Which one of these is impacting your happiness, health or high performance the most?

If you are a leader what can you do to alleviate the impact of these variables for the teams you lead?