"Both TASK and EMOTION focused strategies are key to coping & growing during this time

Are you doing both?

Governments, organisations, communities & families are doing a pretty good job in promoting TASK focused strategies for dealing with COVID19, e.g. social distancing, remote working, hand washing, not touching your face etc.

We haven't done as good a job with EMOTION focused strategies, i.e. ways to acknowledge & respond constructively to our emotional state.

In fact many of the TASK focused strategies actually undermine traditional EMOTION focused strategies.

However to move from just surviving to thriving during this period depends on how we manage BOTH.

3 simple things leaders can do to promote EMOTION focused strategies are:

1) sharing with their teams how they feel & what gives them hope

2) starting meetings by asking people how they are feeling & sharing good news stories

3) listening to people & acknowledging their concerns without trying to 'fix' things.

Emotions are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign you are human.

This period will be a marathon, not a sprint.

We need to pace ourselves, have a plan, be kind to each other, & flex our emotional intelligence.