Being busy is a form of laziness, lazy thinking and indiscriminate action

"Being busy is a form of laziness, lazy thinking and indiscriminate action." Tim Ferriss Please slap me if you catch me saying "I'm busy" in 2020. Being busy is less a measure of success & more a measure of distraction. There are more 'weapons of mass distraction' today than ever before at home & at work. Learning how to focus on the things that matter has never been more critical to high performance. Focus is like a muscle. The more we use it the easier it becomes. But like a muscle you shouldn't try lifting heavy weights the first time you go to the gym. Bill Gates has been working out his focus muscle for decades. Twice a year he spends a whole week doing deep work blocking off all the distractions of regular life, focused on the biggest business/life challenges/opportunities he knows. If you are like me a good starting point in 2020 is to work out your focus muscles for just 10 minutes a day, building up by 5 minutes each week. Put this time in your diary & militantly protect it. During this time focus fully on something you are passionate about. If you get distracted don't worry. That's normal. Just come back to the topic you have chosen. Remember: #intention #attention #no #tension.

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