are you a teller or an asker?

Updated: Mar 23

"People do not deliver to a 'teller' with the same level of accountability as they do to an 'asker'" Carolyn Taylor

Have you ever told one of your kids to put the wheely bin on the street only to discover after the bins have been collected that they forgot? Whether you have kids, or a wheely bin for that matter, I'm sure you can relate.

It is so frustrating when someone lets you down.

Culture management guru Carolyn Taylor reveals in her fabulous guidebook titled Accountability@Work that the problem may be staring back at you in the mirror. We are quick to blame the other person for not doing what you 'told' them to do without realising that 'telling' is the issue. 'Asking' on the other hand takes only a fraction more time but invites the other person into the conversation. It gives the other person the opportunity to agree or renegotiate and ultimately make a commitment that 'evokes their sense of honour'.

In other words...

they own it.

Remember, "telling may achieve compliance, but it does not achieve ownership". Wise advice Carolyn.