Appreciative inquiry is about discovering the best of what is & what is possible

"Appreciative inquiry is about discovering the best of what is & what is possible." Jackie Stavros

Without question one of the most powerful frameworks to promote lasting change my clients have benefited from over two decades is appreciative inquiry.

Jackie's definition succinctly captures how it is different to many other approaches to change that use burning platforms &/or weaknesses & threats to drive behavioural shifts.

In my experience these very common and 'negative' or 'avoidance' based methods do tend to get attention & do prompt change but the shift achieved often fades once the threat goes away.

The pandemic is a great example of this. As we come out the other side many of us are already reverting back to old habits and expectations, losing the gains we have made.

The alternative is a 'postive' or 'approach' based method that embraces a future state that excites & engages people to change, which is far more likely to stick.

How can you use an appreciative method to make the gains made during COVID stick as we approach 2021?

Asking your team what has been the best of 2020 what is & what is possible in 2021 is a great place to start.

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