"Adversity is often what propels people to become more true to themselves..."

"Adversity is often what propels people to become more true to themselves, take on new challenges, a view life from a wider perspective." Professor Stephen Joseph What if the toughest challenges we experience are actually our greatest opportunities for growth? With COVID19 amidst in the world this question has never been more relevant. Fortunately the answer gives us every reason for optimism at this time. Back in late 80s whilst treating survivors of the Herald passenger cruise disaster on the English Channel where 193 people died Professor Joseph found that nearly half reported their lives had changed for the better. For example of those that agreed life was better 94% said "I don't take my life for granted anymore". 91% said "I value my relationships much more now". 83% said "I feel more experienced about life now". This shocked Joseph prompting deeper research & a life quest to better understand how adversity can actually make us stronger. This field of research is now known as 'Post Traumatic Growth' (PTG).