A true leader has no followers

"A true leader has no followers... get out of the way and be the way in which people connect to the mission and values." Fred Kofman

I have recently finished Fred's latest book 'The Meaning Revolution'. A must read/listen.

Brilliant and classic Kofman! The quote above is one of many thought provoking pros Fred shares.

True to form Fred tends to flip many conventions on their head with remarkable logic and clarity. So what does he mean by 'a true leader has no followers'?

Fred is describing 'transcendent' leadership, i.e. leadership focused on a purpose or meaning bigger than any one individual, including the leader.

In this context people follow the mission and values, not the leader.

Traditional leaders measure their success by the impact they have on their followers. Transcendent leaders measure success by the impact followers have.

The responsibility of the transcendent leader is to firstly clear a path for others to connect and move in alignment towards the mission AND secondly to be a role model of it.