"A crisis is a bit like alcohol; it makes you more of who you already are." Dr Peter Fuda

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

So true Peter. I liken crisis to a magnifying glass. It exaggerates your existing features AND it can set you on fire if focused on one spot for too long. One of my CEO clients shared with me examples of both points. The crisis has given her a new level of clarity regarding the strengths and vulnerabilities within her organisation AND a small number of her people are burning up under the pressure. In times of crisis when people's behaviour is magnified Peter provides great advice in the article below, i.e. "Be empathetic, starting in your own head. Think about what might be going on in their life for them to behave this way. See their actions as a cry for help. Then, make your first words a clear expression of your empathy. For example; “I can’t imagine the pressure you’re under right now, but I’d love to help.” Or “you seem frustrated/ worried/ passionate about this issue; would you like to try and find a solution together?” Thanks Peter for sharing.