70% of the variance in a team's engagement is related to their management

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

"70% of the variance in a team's engagement is related to their management." Gallup 2019 This finding from one of Gallup's top 10 most read articles this year speaks to one of the biggest mistakes most companies make whilst attempting to promote high performance. That mistake is to treat employee performance as the sole responsibility of the employee. However performance is contextual and the most significant contextual influence of an employee's performance is their manager. Gallup's research attests to this when it comes to employee engagement. Mindful leadership expert Michael Bunting analysed the data for leaders across Australia and New Zealand finding that the biggest influence, by a country mile, on an employee's productivity is their immediate manager. "Managers create the conditions that promote the behaviors of engaged employees (or just the opposite) with the relationships they establish. The manager is either an engagement-creating coach or an engagement-destroying boss" Gallup says. What sort of leader do you want to be in 2020?