4 shifts in the way CEOs are leading

[During this lockdown] "elevate ‘to be’ to the same level as ‘to do’." Carolyn Dewar

So excited to have McKinsey & Company's Founder and Global lead of their CEO and Board Excellence Practice Carolyn Dewar join us this week for our Tenfold Australia Masterclass series live from San Francisco.

Carolyn will be sharing key insights of great relevance to leaders in Australia facing the current lockdown.

Her insights are based research McKinsey conducted last year during the first wave of the pandemic that identified 4 shifts in the way CEOs are leading - which could represent a meaningful evolution of the experience of employees, stakeholders, and the CEOs themselves.

One of these 4 shifts relates to leaders being far more intentional about how they 'show up', i.e. focusing as much on their 'to be' list as their 'to do' list.

"[Employees] need to see that their leadership is vulnerable, empathetic, and making decisions in accordance with our values, which I’d better be the living proof of” said one CEO interviewed by McKinsey.