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Image by Alec Bennett

Enterprise social learning platform and app to tenfold the accessibility to relevant insights and relationships for multinational leaders

Tenfold Digital 

Tenfold Digital will provide a virtual home for executive learning, relationship building and enterprise value creation. The goals of the online platform and app (yet to be constructed) are to ensure wherever our clients are in the world and at whatever time it is:

  1. you can dial into online discussions with your multinational peers,

  2. you can read, listen or watch recordings and summaries of content you’ve missed,

  3. you can easily forward relevant tips and insights to your executive team,

  4. you can connect and communicate with anyone on the platform, and

  5. you can simply register for events and receive reminders so you don’t miss a thing.

The Tenfold Digital platform and app will be available for all Tenfold Forums c-suite clients at no additional cost to support their Tenfold experience.

A lite version of the platform and app will also be made available for free to the CEOs of charities nominated by our clients to help them tenfold their leadership and social impact.