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Join us in developing exponential leaders to tenfold Australia's impact for a better world.

Why We Exist


Today’s fastest growing and most successful organisations have a different playbook, leaders think differently, and cultures perform differently. Speed at scale rules. These companies are known as ‘exponential’ organisations, defined by their impact or output being disproportionately large, at least ‘tenfold’ that of their peers. 

Bureaucracy, hierarchy, and complexity are the enemies of success in the 21st century. Last century incremental gains were sufficient for survival.  Now, in a hyper-networked and rapidly changing world leveraging accelerating technologies, the pursuit of linear gains is a recipe for failure.

Traditional leadership & culture development has fallen behind in such a context, further exacerbated by COVID19. Learning must now happen at speed and scale also, embracing the power of collective intelligence and shared experience over the limited smarts of the individual. 

Tenfold Australia provides such a solution.


What we do

The #1 focus of Tenfold Australia is the Tenfold Forums, Australia’s only true multinational leadership community addressing the unique dynamics facing multinational leaders today. 


Tenfold Forums comprises face to face and online knowledge sharing and relationship building based on 30 years’ understanding of the needs, challenges, opportunities and aspirations of over 10,000 multinational leaders. 


Tenfold Forums combines the best of traditional executive forum experiences with the latest digital delivery solutions and insights about adult learning and executive development. Tenfold Forums is designed for 21st century multinational leadership.


Our Massive Transformative Purpose

A common attribute amongst most exponential organisations is a Massive Transformative Purpose or MTP. It's what makes them jump out of bed every morning and they think about it all day. It inspires and guides every decision and is not just aimed at the mind, but also the heart.

Our MTP is “to tenfold Australia’s impact for a better world”. 

In light of this the Tenfold Australia team have made a monthly commitment to being carbon neutral.

Who we serve 

We work exclusively with the Australian operations of multinational companies, helping them tenfold their influence on the global companies they are a part of. Most are foreign owned, and all share the common dynamic of doing business across multiple markets. Testimonials from a sample of our clients and previous multinational leaders we've worked with can be viewed below.

We also indirectly serve the not-for-profit sector. Every company that receives Tenfold Australia services will be invited to nominate a charity to receive access to Tenfold Digital and once a year the CEOs of the charity will be invited to a joint event with the multinational CEOs.

Ultimately, we serve everyone that lives in Australia. The stronger multinational businesses are in Australia the better off all Aussies will be. Multinationals create jobs, build skills and careers, provide critical services and infrastructure, introduce new technologies and solutions, generate government revenue, and drive GDP growth.

In this COVID19 era strong global relationships have never been more important to Australia. Multinationals create invaluable connections and relationships between Australia and the rest of the world and will play a key role in getting our economy back on track.


"COVID19 has already impacted the way many multinationals in Australia work. Global companies are needing to focus their energies on larger markets that have been more detrimentally impacted by the pandemic. Correspondingly, Australian leaders of multinational companies will need to be more independent. The importance of relevant and practical leadership development and local networks for c-suite teams has never been more critical. Tenfold Australia's exclusive focus on multinational leaders is right on the money.

Mike Covey, Vice President and Managing Director, Henry Schein ANZ